Amtrak Modern Passenger Pack

This pack includes 18 locomotive types, 7 baggage cars, and 24 passenger cars. The locomotives are properly scaled and include versions in both directions.

8-32BHW-California-L 8-32BHW-California-R 8-32BHW-Phase III-L 8-32BHW-Phase III-R 8-32BHW-Phase IV-L 8-32BHW-Phase IV-R 8-32BHW-Phase V-L 8-32BHW-Phase V-R
F40PH-Phase II-L F40PH-Phase II-R F40PH-Phase III-L F40PH-Phase III-R F40PH-Phase IV-L F40PH-Phase IV-R F40PH-West Coast Express-L F40PH-West Coast Express-R
F59PHI-California-L F59PHI-California-R F59PHI-West Coast Express-L F59PHI-West Coast Express-R GP9-L GP9-R GP40-L GP40-R
P42-NE Corridor-L P42-NE Corridor-R P42-Phase III-L P42-Phase III-R P42-Phase IV-L P42-Phase IV-R P42-Phase V-L P42-Phase V-R
MP15DC-Phase V-L MP15DC-Phase V-R MP15DC-Silver-L MP15DC-Silver-R MHC-Phase III MHC-Phase IV Baggage-Phase III Baggage-Phase IV
Express Box-Phase IV Express Box-Phase V Express Box-Phase Vb Amfleet Coach-Phase VI Amfleet Lounge-Phase VI Viewliner-Phase VI-L Viewliner-Phase VI-R Horizon Coach-Phase III
Horizon Coach-Phase IV Horizon Coach-Phase V Superliner Coach-Phase III Superliner Coach/Baggage-Phase III Superliner Diner-Phase III Superliner Lounge-Phase III Superliner Sleeper-Phase III Superliner Coach-Phase IV
Superliner Coach-Phase IV Superliner Coach/Baggage-Phase IV Superliner Diner-Phase IV Superliner Lounge-Phase IV Superliner Coach-Phase IVb Superliner Coach/Baggage-Phase IVb Superliner Diner-Phase IVb Superliner Lounge-Phase IVb
Superliner Sleeper-Phase IVb Superliner Coach-California Superliner Coach-West Coast Express