Chicago and Northwestern Railway Modern Locomotive Pack

This pack includes 19 locomotive types and 2 cabooses. The locomotives are properly scaled and include versions in both directions.

8-40C-L 8-40C-R 9-44CW-L 9-44CW-R AC4400-L AC4400-R GP15-Old Yellow-L GP15-Old Yellow-R
GP15-Zito Yellow-L GP15-Zito Yellow-R GP38-OLS-L GP38-OLS-R GP38-2-Zito Yellow-L GP38-2-Zito Yellow-R GP50-Old Yellow-L GP50-Old Yellow-R
GP50-Zito Yellow-L GP50-Zito Yellow-R MP15DC-L MP15DC-R SD38-2-L SD38-2-R SD40-L SD40-R
SD40-2-Old Yellow-L SD40-2-Old Yellow-R SD40-2-Zito Yellow-L SD40-2-Zito Yellow-R SD45-L SD45-R SD50-Zito Yellow-L SD50-Zito Yellow-R
SD60-Old Yellow-L SD60-Old Yellow-R SD60-Zito Yellow-L SD60-Zito Yellow-R U30C-L U30C-R Caboose-Bay Window Caboose-Wide Vision