I got into the Trainplayer program with version 3.3. I was fascinated with it, and soon began developing my own drawings to better enjoy the program. I made it my goal to add every model that I owned in HO and N scale to the program so that I could better test out layout designs. Now Iíve decided to make them available to everyone, but I do not want to limit the collections to just the trains I own. I am working on creating packs for as many models as I can. Locomotive collections will be grouped by roadname and era while freight car packs will be every paintjob a manufacture offers for a specific car type. I will take model suggestions as well. Happy modeling!


Athearn 60' Boxcar Pack (Gunderson, Berwick Types)
Athearn 50' PS5344 Boxcar Pack
Athearn 50' FMC Plug Door Boxcar Pack
Intermountain 2 Bay Covered Hopper Pack
Atlas 17,360 Gallon Tank Car Pack
Athearn 52' Mill Gondola Pack
Athearn 60' Bulkhead Flatcar Pack
Athearn Bethgon Coalporter Pack
Athearn FMC 4700 Hopper Pack
Athearn Husky Stack Well Car Pack
Athearn 57' Mechanical Reefer Pack
Athearn 50' FMC 5347 Boxcar Pack
Athearn 50' PS 5277 Boxcar Pack
Athearn Trinity Covered Hopper Pack
Atlas 17,600 Gallon Corn Syrup Tankcar Pack
Atlas 23,500 Gallon Tankcar Pack
Exactrail PS 4427 Covered Hopper Pack
Intermountain ACF 4650 Covered Hopper Pack
Walthers Bi-Level Auto-rack Pack
Walthers 50' High Cube Boxcar
Exactrail 50' High Cube Boxcar